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Is a manufacturing enterprise, plant for heavy steel structure ultra-high workshop, the existing workshop 2, an office building, with 3 high temperature furnace test line, can be at any time for all kinds of high temperature material test.

High quality raw material supply channels, high quality equipment quality, high stability, to create safe and durable products


The main raw materials used in the equipment are all imported or famous domestic brands.

The equipment is low in energy consumption and easy to maintain, so as to create highly efficient and energy-saving products.

High quality raw materials, exquisite production technology, so that the service life of the equipment as long as 20 years.

Advanced design management concept: through years of construction and precipitation, product performance has been fully recognized by the domestic market, cost-effective, strong market competitiveness.


Intellectual patents: with a number of independent intellectual property rights and patents, we have gathered a number of industry elites in the field of new product research and development and new materials and equipment.

The main performance and technical indicators are higher than domestic similar products.

In particular, the horizontal graphitization furnace is more stable than the peers, the performance of the equipment has reached the international leading level.

Professional after-sales team, ready to solve problems for customers.


Professional technicians have rich field experience in equipment and can effectively provide remote diagnosis and solve problems.

Fast response service: domestic 24 hours to the scene.